​Recently founded as a Historic Site, Canal Walk Lofts was home of the original Barbasol Shaving Cream Headquarters and Factory. It is this history that makes these office lofts different from other office spaces, including the red brick walls, trumpet pillars, and window views...destined to encourage a warm and creative work atmosphere.

"It was the roaring twenties. Life was good here in America. But for MIT professor Frank Shields, it just wasn’t good enough. He had a tough beard, sensitive skin and the mug shaving soap just wasn’t doing it for him.

So Shields concocted something to take care of his tough beard without irritating his sensitive skin. He called it Barbasol. A combination of the Roman word ‘barbs’, meaning beard, and ‘solution’. The barber’s solution that became an American icon.

A small second-floor room in downtown Indianapolis became the home for the Barbasol Company, where tubes of the shaving cream were filled entirely by hand. Only 30-40 dozen could be produced per day. Before long, the brand was endorsed by such legendary sports figures such as Babe Ruth and Knute Rockne, among others."

The history of Canal Walk Lofts